It’s some sort of unwritten rule that we as a fan base need somebody to vent our fury at. Some target for a slight no matter the severity, we need to use twitter to extract our pound of flesh. True enough, sometimes its warranted, when it comes to the usual suspects in Boyd, Commons, Provan and Co. But on day’s like today, it makes you despair to be forced to share a team with these absolute moon howlers.

Right, who’s our next target? With the purchase of a £7 million defender in the bag, Peter Lawwell has took his picture down off the dart board – for now. Let’s face it, we could sign another 4 players, splash another £10 million and our fans would still have a fuckin’ moan that nobody turned up on deadline day. So Pedro is safe.

Charlie Nicholas come on up. Trumpeting his shite as usual, Charlie claims £20m + add ons is a good deal for KT. So he deserves that flack. And just so nobody is ever confused again; when this charlatan says “us” he means Arsenal. Lets have a gander at a few names on the list of – “You paid what for him!?”

– Targett – £14m + Add ons Southampton > Aston Villa
– Stones – £50m + Add ons Everton > Man City
– Adam Webster – £30m + Add ons (Reported) Bristol City > Aston Villa
– Daniel James – £15m + Add ons Swansea > Man U
– Jack Clarke – £8.5M + Add ons Leeds > Spurs

So what’s this list got in common? They all play in England. They’re all English with the exception of James. But could you pick any of them out of a line up? Maybe Stones? Have you heard of any of them in a football context? Stones again? The rest is what the going rate is for “potential” is. So, with Kieran not falling into the bracket of just potential, this figure is well below acceptable. Kieran is a Premier League talent posting Premier League performances. The numbers above are for Championship players.

It seems to be a split between the old guard accepting the boy will make us a bomb and the young guard slating him, even though fuck all has happened yet. I think we’re forgetting one crucial bit of information here. Who put the price on Kieran? Did the club come out and say “£25m and he’s yours!” Nope, not that I’ve seen. So where did it come from? Who was first to plaster £25m on the front pages and claim that’s the number? Well on the 6th of June you have the Scotsman claiming £26.6m.

And the snowball just keeps on rolling.

The media set the price. Not Celtic. Now it might turn out £25m will do it, I don’t know. But what I do know, is not a soul has come out and said it will.

But onto the real crux of the issue. Twitter makes you absolutely despair sometimes. We have a number of fans slaughtering the boy for no other reason than Arsenal seemed to have made a £20m bid and the boy returned to Glasgow. He returned to finish his rehab from surgery because all he’s been doing in Austria is cycling and running. The squad moved onto Switzerland earlier and he came home.

Now, Celtic might accept that bid, they might not. I’m inclined to believe they won’t for a number of reasons. The main one being we don’t have to sell. The other being he’s on a 5 year deal. Oh and the cherry for KT being that if he performs again this season, Arsenal won’t be the only team looking at him next summer.

Some of the faceless elite on Twitter need to have a look at themselves. Those with the avatars in place of any real personality that fire the worst of the worst at the club when the toys are out of the pram. Some even comparing him to the snake that left in March.
Let’s compare and contrast;
– One of them tried to rip the heart out of the coaching staff and leave us with nothing when he left so abruptly, he left a Brendan shaped hole in the wall. He tried to poach our players when he was almost off to China the year earlier. He lied about random stories with Danny McGrain. Lied about being a fan. Is a sociapathic sycophant who does and says anything to gather the favour of those who he needs to succeed.
– The other is a life long fan who’d be in the stands with us if he didn’t have the talent. One who will leave us pocketing £30m+ for the memories along the way. If he leaves, he leaves us in a healthier position than if he stays, because a LB can be replaced. This is a boy that’s ran the legs off for us over the last 4 years. He deserves far better from those who are all to keen to sing and dance along when he grabs a megaphone. And most importantly of all, the club have been offered money. Nobodies offered him squat yet. He’s not downed tools and demanded a move like Moussa did last Deadline Day.

“If he leaves before 10 he can fuck off, he’s no a real fan!” I wish these people would leave before 10. Seriously, just grab your coat and we’ll see you around May 2021 because 10 in a row has absolutely consumed you so much so that the bigger picture is a dot. I’m not downplaying the 10 in any stretch, but IF, and that’s a massive IF he does leave, he’s not irreplaceable. Not by any stretch. Especially not with what we have in the bank plus the obscene amount we’ll bank for him.

In the last 6 hours or so, the ugly face of our support broke the surface. And its a disgrace that it’s aimed at Kieran of all people. But here’s the biggest take away from this all farce;

I don’t want him to leave. You don’t want him to leave. So why the fuck are we throwing abuse his way when he hasn’t left? Unplug your laptop, switch your phone off and go for a lay down lads.


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